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Adam Farthing

Adam Farthing VP AiX: Former Market Maker Details His Support For Digital Assets

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Adam Farthing is a former market maker and Vice President of AiX. In this chat we talk about his experience as a market maker, journey to becoming a professional trader, traditional institutions and getting them into crypto, issues that large volume traders are facing with crypto, background into the AiX platform and how it will help traders, Bitcoin ETF, Gold and private wealth markets being impacted by Bitcoin, and robots becoming the next human evolution.

Adam brings over 20 years of experience of trading financial markets. Adam spent 13 years at Deutsche Bank, firstly trading FX options, and later precious metal options. Adam was involved with the initial set-up of the market for iron ore derivatives, and after DB, moved to Gunvor to run their iron ore book for 4 years. Adam has been based between Tokyo and Singapore ever since initially moving to Japan in 2004 while trading JPY options.

Adam Farthing

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