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Alexandre Dreyfus CEO Chiliz Tokenizing Juventus And FC Barcelona

Alexandre Dreyfus CEO Chiliz: Tokenizing Juventus And FC Barcelona

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Alexandre Dreyfus is CEO of Chiliz. In this chat we discuss creating fan tokens for sports teams, signing big teams like Juventus to the platform, future sports markets for tokenization, and how sports could evolve with fan tokens.

Guest Bio

Alexandre Dreyfus is an entrepreneur and Blockchain enthusiast based in Malta. He is the CEO of chiliZ, a fintech platform whose cryptocurrency which aims to provide tokenization for sports.

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  • What is your background prior to chiliZ?
  • What is chiliZ?


  • Why did you decide to tokenize sports teams?
  • Why would a fan want to own a fan token?
  • Why would an investor want to own $CHZ?
  • Will the $BAR and $JUV tokens be tradeable for fiat or worth a dollar amount?
  • How did you attract teams like Barcelona and Juventus to join the platform?
  • Is there a lot of blockchain education that needs to be done before closing a partnership with a club?
  • What markets do you see the most potential for growth currently for chiliZ?
  • Any plans to get into the fighting space?


  • Why do you think the future of sports should give fans more of a voice?
  • How far do you see this going? Fans voting on trades, signings for example.
  • What other ways do you see sports changing from platforms like chiliZ?


  • Do you think robots will be the next evolution of humans?

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Alexandre Dreyfus CEO Chiliz Tokenizing Juventus And FC Barcelona

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