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How to Secure an Investment at A Blockchain Event

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Suppose you have a great idea or startup in the blockchain sector and you would like to secure capital to finance your project. How do you go about doing that? There are various channels you can use depending on the needs and the particular stage of your project. Sometimes, the investment you are looking for is only a conference away. This article provides you with tips on how to secure investment at a blockchain event.

Blockchain events are an important part of the ecosystem

The movers and shakers of the crypto industry congregate at blockchain events. This does not apply to major figures only but those contending to have a serious image in the industry. You get the opportunity to pitch your idea to potential investors, network (what many attendees enjoy the most), learn about emerging trends in the market, discuss new issues, and more.

Some of the events are attended by venture capital and private equity firms, developers, analysts, journalists, enthusiasts, representatives, educators, and leaders. Pressing the right buttons and striking up a conversation with the right person can lead to potential investors.

How to secure investment at a blockchain event

You have decided that you are going to seek funding at blockchain events. This is a good idea but you need to have a good plan of action. The first step towards securing the investment you need starts long before the event itself.

The investments may come long after you have attended an event. All you have to do is to prepare for that to happen. Here are some tips that you can follow.

Do your homework

The majority of events release a list of major people who will be attending. This includes speakers, sponsors, companies, and more. Do thorough background research on each of them and see if they align with your goals or if they will likely be interested in investing in your company or idea.

You do not need to attend all the events taking place. Identify those that will help you realize your goal while your project is still relevant or has less competition.

Know the people that you are going to see and how you will likely approach them.

Know how to network

The only way to be successful at networking is by conducting yourself professionally and properly. You must know how to introduce yourself without sounding like someone who is trying to promote themselves or their ideas. It is unattractive and may put some people off.

The easiest and most comfortable way of connecting with other people is smiling. This does not only show that you are warm, friendly, welcoming but also help other people to remember you. What you want is to create a long-lasting first impression.

People attend events to network and not to be preached or pitched to. When you meet people, don’t make it about yourself, but rather, have a two-way conversation in which you actively listen to others. Be natural and remember that you are not on a selling mission (even though you kind of are).

Presenting/pitching your product

Pitching your product, service, or startup to investors is not easy at all considering that they have lots of other projects to evaluate.

Be realistic when you make claims about your project. Have facts at hand to back up your claims. Do not sound like you are desperately trying to sell your product, but rather, show them the challenges that your product solves.

Investors are ready to support potential businesses. Show them that you have potential.

A presentation flow we recommend works like this:

  1. Present a problem or issue in the industry backed up by data and other proof
  2. Show how your product or business solves that issue/s
  3. Tell the investors how they can join your project and make it simple (ex how much your looking for, what they get)

Collect contact details

You are not here to directly get investments. You are looking for contacts that can lead you to investments. Ask for business cards from potential investors or those connected to them. Be sure to get back to them and arrange further private discussions.

Talk to influencers and journalists

Sometimes, all it takes to get your investment is a tweet or blog post about your product from authority figures. Talk to these people about your product and show them that it is a win-win situation for both of you.

Marketing also plays a major role in securing investments. Make time for journalists and give out interviews to them. If you are lucky, you or your project may catch the attention of investors or venture capitalists.

Final thoughts

The crypto industry is very young and evolving, hence opening the doors for endless possibilities. Take your time to develop the product you are working on and investments will naturally follow. Do not make capital your main goal, your unique solution should be.

Make the best out of blockchain events and conferences. There is a lot of money to be invested but play your part and make it difficult for investors to reject your idea.

Most importantly, carry yourself with professionalism and be natural at events. Listen to others and they will listen to you as well.

blockchain event

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