HuiChi Man Director Provenance Events: Preparing Your Blockchain Startup For Event Success

HuiChi Man is Founder and Director of Provenance Events.

HuiChi Man is Founder and Director of Provenance Events. In this chat we discuss current issues with blockchain events and how to fix them, the difference between blockchain startups and other types of startups, when a startup is ready to scale, the pros and cons of working in a decentralised team, product growth strategies, and the upcoming Japan Blockchain Week.

HuiChi is the Founder of Provenance Events. HuiChi enjoys working with innovative startups and transformative technology. HuiChi’s goal is to help entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises and governments understand the capabilities of building with blockchain technology – meaning developing the product first. HuiChi helps startups and enterprises with hosting their events and marketing globally. Previously, founded her own tech startup Reecescribe which was accelerated through Ireland’s national entrepreneurship programmes; LEO Dublin City & Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers programme. (The youngest person to be accepted on Enterprise Ireland’s programme).

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