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Japan Blockchain Week VIP Dinner concluded with great success!

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TEAMZ and ChainUP hosted Japan Blockchain Week VIP Dinner on October 15th with Huobi China and Huobi Blockchain Research Institute from Huobi Group and Bitmain as partners.

◆ VIP Dinner Overview◆

At the VIP Dinner held on October 15 at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Tokyo, TEAMZ invited the CEO of Huobi China, the leading blockchain company in China and the world, and the director of the Huobi Blockchain Research Institute. We shared about blockchain revolution and how can it be used in other than financial industry. We also provided opportunities to meet financial institutions, industry-leading startups, and major companies, and promoted the creation of advanced services incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.

In advance of the VIP dinner, Ms. Mari Morizono, business development director of TEAMZ, gave an opening address.

Ms. Morizono first mentioned DEVCON5 held by Ethereum Foundation, in Osaka from 8th-11th of this months. She was inspired by cutting-edge technology, but at the same time, she was shocked that there were fewer Japanese. She hopes that VIP dinner will be the first step of having deep discussions on how blockchain technology can be used in the society widely and increasing the number of blockchain engineers in Japan.

This VIP dinner was focus on issues such as how to apply overseas advanced technology to the Japanese blockchain industry, how to localize Japanese projects in overseas etc. in order to promote development and expend the wave of exchange in Japanese blockchain industry. She have declared that TEAMZ and their overseas partners contribute to make it happen.

【 Keynote 】

Three keynotes were given in VIP Dinner.

TEAMZ, Inc. CEO – Tianyu Yang

Blockchain industry market analysis report

Mr. Yang gave a talk on his analysis of blockchain industry market and what kind of service will TEAMZl provide to blockchain companies in Japan and around the world.

TEAMZ is a blockchain solution company that develops four businesses including TEAMZ Business Summit (event business), TEAMZ Strategy (consulting business), ChainTalk (media business), and TEAMZ Capital (investment business). The main business, TEAMZ Strategy mainly provides branding and marketing for blockchain companies including startups and blockchain solutions for Japanese enterprises. It also functions as an agent for overseas companies such as China. It is possible to offer solutions to global companies all around the world and all the materials can be made in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Spanish, to find and implement strategies to survive in a global market.

Mr. Yang said blockchain market still has various problems such as a shortage of engineers, but it has a big potential. Regarding the lack of human resources in Japan, he said that we should partner with the world’s most advanced companies and build a market together, and TEAMZ will support them in the future. He also mentioned the number of exchanges and the number of cryptocurrency holders in Japan are superiority then other countries. He pointed out that he would like to continue to excite the blockchain market in cooperation with overseas companies using TEAMZ’s overseas solutions.

Huobi China CEO and Director of Huobi Blockchain Research Institute – Yuming Yuan “How can blockchain change business logic?”

Huobi China is committed to leading the industrial upgrade of the blockchain, using blockchain technology to empower different sectors. ToB and toC work. For toC, exchanges, mining, wallet operations, and toB provides services that connect not only China but also the world.

In this talk, he talked about what has done in toB for a year and how it can be replicated. First, he stated that the blockchain has four functions: transparency, privacy protection, token incentive mechanism, and Internet value enhancement by using case studies.

Huobi is working on an art platform called Lotus Chain in terms of public transparency and the inability to tamper. For expensive arts trades, trade opacity can often be a hindrance to trade. By using blockchain technology here, making the transaction transparent so that customers can see it, we have created a mechanism that allows customers to purchase art without feeling anxious. In the future, Huobi will continue to introduce blockchain technology in the trading of other arts and aim to popularize this system. He also gave examples of efforts to ITTM, which is the national copyright management of IT, in terms of protecting privacy. Since the IT such as texts and music uploaded on the Internet is too small, we introduced a blockchain where it was not possible to manage everything so far, enabling IP protection. In addition to this, we are introducing blockchains in various situations such as token-based point systems and games, and are making efforts to take advantage of blockchain-specific functions.

Currently, Huobi is developing various businesses such as consulting, incubator service, human resource service, etc., and connecting with companies in 12 countries. He said that he would like to work with various countries and companies in the future and strive to apply the blockchain in various situations.

ChainUP Founder & CEO- Gengfa Zhong

Technology and finance in the blockchain era

ChainUP, Global Blockchain Solutions Provider, offers digital asset trading solutions, wallet system solution, and customized public blockchain service for enterprises.

At the beginning, I introduced that the blockchain era is divided into three stages.1.0 era: An era of decentralization of currency and payment methods2.0 Age: An era of optimization for a wide range of applications and process flows in the financial sector. Ethereum etc. appeared in this era.3.0 era: an era of providing decentralized solutions to industries other than the financial sector

ChainUP has partnered with 300 partners and sharing liquidity with more than 200 exchanges, and supporting more than 1000 currencies in the first two years. The following are the contents of support, and the following technologies are also used for asset exchange, shopping malls and actual stores.

  • Digital asset trading system
  • Wallet service transaction system
  • Virtual currency exchange transaction status recognition system
  • Public chain alliance chain solutions
  • Mining pool system
  • Blockchain media cloud system
  • Liquidity system
  • Broker etc.

【Panel Discussion】

The panel discussion was attended by the following three people on the theme of “Blockchain reformation”. The moderator was TEAMZ co-founder and COO Ms. Yanying Deng.

・SBI FinTech Solutions Co., Ltd. Executive Managing Director -Yamaguchi Tomohiro

A comprehensive fintech solution company that provides new services that are safe, secure, and convenient using fintech, centering on the payment service and international money transfer services that continue to grow.

・Financie Co., Ltd. Co-founder & CEO- Ryuichi Tanaka

Operates a new social network service that connects people using blockchain technology. Launched in April 2019, it currently has 10,000 members. Financie also runs Gubi crypto with Gubi, a game company. Based in Tokyo and Silicon Valley.

・Liquid by Quoine Advisor – Katsuya Konno

Cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan and Singapore. In 2017, Liquid received the first registration from the Financial Services Agency (Kanto Local Finance Bureau) as a cryptocurrency exchange operator.

Q. Recently, “Blockchain reformation” in which large enterprises introduce blockchains has become a hot topic. What benefits will the introduction of blockchain technology brings to the existing business of large enterprises?

Mr. Yamaguchi

When comparing Japan and China, Japan is far behind in terms of technology and number of engineers. Aa a large enterprise and one of Japanese blockchain company, SBI Fintech Solutions is working on “investment business” and “payload card” businesses for overseas blockchain companies.

Mr. Kanno

He stated that the greatest value of the blockchain is “no value intervening”. In response to the recent entry of the Libra coin market issued by Facebook, which is a hot topic, it may be possible to create a larger market by cooperating startups with large companies from the viewpoint of startups.

Q. Blockchains are often introduced by major companies to increase transparency, but is it true? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Mr. Yamaguchi


  • Transparency: Teach stakeholders.
  • Cost reduction: The cost increases as one company builds the system.

Mr. Konno


  • Increased value through investment: If a large company invests in a blockchain company and owns coins in the form of stocks, the value will increase naturally and a win-win relationship can be established.
  • Strong backup: Large companies and start-ups both enter and use each other’s resources well, so a strong ecosystem can be built and a stronger backup can be created.
  • Suppression of hollowing out phenomenon: The use of blockchain technology causes the hollowing out phenomenon. Large companies that have large resources can enter the blockchain industry and control hollowing out.

Mr. Tanaka


Globalization of services: Now that the Japanese market is stagnating as a whole. By introducing cryptocurrency, it is possible to acquire not only Japanese users but also global users borderlessly.

Q. SBI has introduced blockchain technology in terms of security, but in fact it is possible to ensure security without using blockchain technology. Still why use blockchain technology

Yamaguchi: To eliminate complicated procedures.

Q. What is the reason for using blockchain technology for SNS?

Mr. Tanaka

Up until now, SNS is only about “Like”.

We wanted to realize a social network in the true sense of supporting each other’s dreams and what we want to do by using a mechanism that allows mutual exchange of values through the blockchain.

After the end of the program, there were many people who talked passionately about projects that hoped to work with sponsors, co-hosts, and partner companies, and the future of the Japanese blockchain industry.

In the future, TEAMZ will work together with overseas companies to boost the blockchain market. And we will find and implement strategies that survive in the global market.


TEAMZ Co., Ltd.

TEAMZ is a team of international and experienced members who can help you expand your brand worldwide, especially in Asia.

TEAMZ is a platform that provides key strategies and results for projects all over the world. The four components to our business include TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, TEAMZ | Strategy, TEAMZ | Chaintalk, and TEAMZ | Capital. Our renowned comprehensive solutions give projects the internationalization, localization, media and financing they need for exponential growth.


ChainUP, Global Blockchain Solutions Provider, offers digital asset trading solutions, wallet system solution, and customized public blockchain service for enterprises. Based on the incessant iteration by massive and booming business, ChainUP has the ability to provide secure, stable, reliable, and worldwide one-stop service from fundamental framework to elaborate operation.

ChainUP, is one of the largest leading white label blockchain service provider in the blockchain field. We provide a wide range of crypto exchange solution such as spot trading, futures trading, OTC trading and wallet solutions in white label or SaaS(Cloud Managed)

With portfolios of 180+ exchange clients and 50+ wallet clients, there are two possible options for setting up your exchange. White label exchange(self-hosted) and Cloud exchange.

Strategic Partner:

Huobi China

Huobi China is committed to leading the industrial upgrade of the blockchain, using blockchain technology to empower different sectors. With Huobi Research, Huobi University (China), Huobi Labs (China), Huobi Talent and Huobi Bit Legal, we offer full lifecycle professional service for the blockchain industry and we provide customized solutions for industry and government, build blockchain application new economic entity together, enhance the efficiency of trade and bring up professionals, to change the world with science and technology, to accomplish the future with innovation.

Huobi Research

Huobi Research is committed to the research and explore in different blockchain areas. Taking the pan- blockchain field as research object, the goal is to facilitate the research and development of blockchain technology, promote the application of blockchain, and optimize the blockchain ecosystem. The research is mainly about the trends, technologies, application innovations, exploring models and other topics within the blockchain industry.


Bitmain Technology Holding Company (“Bitmain”) is a multinational semiconductor company with state-of-the-art IC design capabilities. Bitmain offers products, including chips, servers, and cloud solutions, for blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing, Bitmain has research and development centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and United States. According to Frost & Sullivan, Bitmain is among the world’s top 10 and China’s second largest fabless IC designer.

Bitmain is focused on computing chips with a vision of realizing an even more beautiful digital world. It has design capabilities for different chip processes, including the state-of-the-art 5 nanometer process. In the blockchain mining area, Bitmain has shipped billions of ASICs, accounting for 75% of the global market. Being one of the world’s few companies with the capability to develop cloud-based AI chips, Bitmain has successfully released four generations of its AI chip. With advanced tensor acceleration for deep learning, Bitmain’s AI chips can be used for a wide range of applications such as facial recognition, automatic driving, smart cities, smart governance, smarter security, medical services and more.

Media Partner:Jinse, Mars Finance, 8btc, CoinPost, CoinTelegraph Japan, ChainTalk

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