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Jason Choi Head of Research Spartan Group: Deep Dive Into Crypto Investment Analysis

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Jason Choi is Head of Research at Spartan Group and host of the Blockcrunch Podcast. In this chat we discuss how to start when evaluating a project, the fundamentals of token research, what on-chain metrics are most important, equity vs token investing, economic factors when investing, risk management and diversifying a portfolio, Blockstack, and Bitcoin against government and economic uncertainty.

Jason is a former venture investor and founder of The Blockcrunch Podcast.​ Jason first came across Bitcoin while a student at the Wharton School of Business. There, he helped launch Contrary Capital, a decentralized venture fund backed by executives from Facebook, Tesla, Twitch, and Reddit. As the host of the ongoing Blockcrunch Podcast, Jason partnered with 500 Startups to produce a miniseries on blockchain scaling. Prior to returning to Hong Kong, Jason was an analyst at Deloitte Consulting’s New York office assisting with the firm’s fintech and blockchain initiatives, and spent time at macro fund Bridgewater Associates. He has spoken at blockchain events in New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong, and previously contributed to The Huffington Post and Forbes on tech.

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jason choi

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