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Jeffery Liu CEO XanPool

Jeffery Liu CEO XanPool: Local Currency To Crypto Without Custody

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Jeffery Liu is CEO of XanPool. In this chat we discuss how he got into the industry early on, exchanging local currencies to crypto without needing USD, being a fiat gateway without custody, focusing on Southeast Asia, how crypto can make a difference in the economy, and much more.

Guest Bio

Jeffery Liu is CEO of XanPool. He is a Systems Engineer and Project Manager by training. Experience in management of multinationals and startups. HODLer since 2013.

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  1. Why did you start XanPool?
  2. How does XanPool work?
  3. How is it able to be a fiat gateway without custody?
  4. How does XanPool avoid scams?
  5. Why have you chosen to focus on Southeast Asia?
  6. Which countries should we pay close attention to in Southeast Asia for growth?
  7. In terms of payments, stores of value, stablecoins, etc how do you see crypto really making a difference?
  8. How do you want to make an impact in this industry?
  9. What do you see as being the top headline 5 years from now in crypto?
  10. Are robots the next evolution of humans?
Jeffery Liu CEO XanPool

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