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Molly Marketing Director HashKey Hub: Blockchain In China And Cryptography At Age 11

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Molly is the Marketing Director of HashKey Hub and former member of BTC Media. In this chat we discuss her destiny of being in blockchain after reading about cryptography at age 11, her experience at BTC Media, how crypto media impacts Bitcoin price and market, the mission of HashKey Hub, missing factors that blockchain needs for more usability, biggest threats to blockchain, and the current state of blockchain, crypto, and technology advances in China.

Molly is the Marketing Director of HashKey Hub and former member of BTC Media. She started reading about cryptography at age 11 and was fascinated ever since. Aside from working at HashKey, Molly is also a popular influencer in China where she talks about cryptography and blockchain on her highly followed Weibo and WeChat accounts.

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molly hashkey hub

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