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Overbit Hosts VIP Cocktail Event In The Heart Of Tokyo

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On Monday November 18th, Overbit hosted a classy VIP cocktail event in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.  Guests enjoyed open bar cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while networking over some house music.

The event was by invitation only and welcomed some of the biggest names from the Japanese crypto market including the top media platforms, Twitter and YouTube influencers, investors, retail traders, blockchain industry CEO’s, and industry business people.

Many important discussions took place in regards to the direction the blockchain and crypto industry is going, current developments in Japan, and the latest event experiences from jetsetters traveling the world to meet the latest and greatest in blockchain. Hundreds of business cards exchanged hands as guests learned about each others backgrounds and businesses while finding ways to work together.  

During the event, Overbit CEO showcased their platform and presented his vision of a simpler trading platform that’s accessible to all. Chieh said

“while the majority of platforms are adding more complex features for their traders, we are trying to educate an underserved market interested in trading but still new to the space.”

Overbit is currently running a $1 million USD giveaway for new users which instantly gives every new signup $30 USD in free BTC that they can use to trade with on the trading platform.

Speaking to Overbit CEO Chieh Liu during the event,

“As a huge fan of anime and Japanese culture, I was able to learn how to speak fluent Japanese fairly quickly. I’m very pleased to host an event like this in Tokyo and meet so many important people in the crypto industry and leading the path in Japan. Thank you to everyone that attended.”

Chieh Liu is originally from Taiwan and currently resides in Hong Kong. He has travelled to Japan and spent a lot of time in the country making many friends and business contacts in the process. Chieh is an entrepreneur and investor. He has over eight years experience in FX trading and derivative products. He spent several years working in the USA.

Overbit brings FX, crypto, and derivatives together by giving users the ability to trade crypto, forex, and metals using Bitcoin as the underlying asset. The trading platform’s aim is to offer traders a safe and secure platform that is easy to use, offers deep liquidity, and eliminates price manipulation by using multiple liquidity providers globally.

To learn more about Overbit or signup and claim your $30 bonus visit the link below:


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