Phil Bonello Crypto Researcher And Investor: Crypto Asset Valuation And Incentive Structures

Phil Bonello is a crypto researcher and investor.

Phil Bonello is a crypto researcher and investor. In this chat we discuss why blockchain is experiencing a lack of adoption, how user driven design can help, interesting projects in the industry right now, the present opportunity of Bitcoin, incentive structures, Augur, Bitcoin days and UTXO’s, the best analysis tool, crypto analysis process broken down into steps, crypto asset valuation, and finding an investment.

Phil Bonello worked at Ikigai as Head of Research for a year before transitioning to an Advisory role. He has published work on crypto asset valuation and frequently contributed project analysis to Messari crypto. He is particularly focused on the study of incentive mechanisms in crypto networks and the formation of autonomous markets. He believes that in crypto investing, it’s crucial to remain secular while observing the religious. The intolerant minority is powerful. Prior to that, Phil worked at Narrative Science where he implemented language automation solutions for enterprise clients. Phil started his career at IBM, where he helped manage software implementations for Fortune 500 companies. Phil holds a B.S. from University of Michigan Engineering.

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