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Da is a leading entrepreneur within the blockchain community, both within China and globally. He was first exposed to blockchain technology in 2011 through Bitcoin. Shortly afterwards, he founded Antshares—now Neo—in 2014 with Erik Zhang, thus establishing China’s first ever blockchain company. Founded as an open-source project, Neo is powering a paradigm shift towards a smart economy by working with its community of developers to deliver optimized and future-designed solutions. With Hongfei’s vision, Neo is advancing towards realizing a smart economy for a digital future.

Since Neo’s founding, Hongfei’s contributions to the industry has been recognized by prominent institutions. In May 2018, he spoke before the European Parliament and offered cutting-edge insights into the feasibility of blockchain technology solutions. Moreover, he has delivered numerous speeches at leading industry events such as Web Summit and Consensus along with academic seminars at esteemed universities such as Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and University of Geneva.


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