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Yehuda Lindell


Spotlight: Cryptography And MPC Technology With Yehuda Lindell

March 28, 2020 4:24 am


Nikkei To Co-Host Blockchain Summit

Nikkei Inc. and the Japanese government’s Financial Services Agency will co-host “Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C) FIN/SUM Blockchain & Business (FIN/SUM BB)” in Nihombashi, Tokyo,


Must Watch Crypto Trends for 2020

A new decade begins. The crypto community is eager to know what the first year of the decade has in store for the market. Will

What is a Distributed Ledger Technology

What is a Distributed Ledger Technology?

The term ‘distributed ledger’ has been thrown around too many times around blockchain conversations. Many people consider blockchain technology and distributed ledger as one and

What Is Blockchain Technology

What Is Blockchain Technology?

With the recent growth spurt of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the concept of blockchain has suddenly become popular in the technology industry. Companies from a