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Hired Actors and Identity Theft as Crypto Crimes Grabs the Spotlight; Japan Okays Cryptocurrency Political Donations

Japan, which has proven to be a crypto-friendly country so far, has given the green light to cryptocurrency donations to politicians and lawmakers. Indonesia, the biggest economy in Southeast Asia, has massive potential for the use of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency firm hires actors to pose as banking executives while a Singaporean man racks a bill of […]

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A Non Bias Look Into Ripple

The difference between XRP and Ripple Ripple has had its fair share of controversy over the years. If you’re on #cryptotwitter then you know either the XRP Army is in full fledge promotion mode or the detractors are calling it a #shitcoin. One of the key distinctions that needs to be made is Ripple and […]

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What is Ripple? A Protocol and a Digital Currency for the Payments Industry

Ripple is as interesting as they come. It is the name of both a protocol and a currency. Ripple is a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system or an open source network used to facilitate cheaper and faster global transactions. It is very different from Bitcoin which was initially created to be used as a form […]