Takatoshi Shibayama CEO Blockshine Singapore: Japan Economics, Blockchain, Investment Funds, Corporate Restructuring

Takatoshi Shibayama is the CEO of Blockshine Singapore.

Takatoshi Shibayama is the CEO of Blockshine Singapore. In this chat we discuss getting into investment funds, blockchain solutions and the current state of the industry, how corporate restructuring works, the past, present, and future of the Japanese economy, living in Tokyo, raising capital and investing strategies, and how Taka achieves maximum performance and success.

Takatoshi Shibayama is the CEO of Blockshine Singapore, providing blockchain consulting and solutions. He has been a corporate restructuring specialist for 17 years, analysing and investing in complicated special situation events of companies. He started his career in investment banking industry, later joined a US hedge fund Davidson Kempner Capital Management, and then co-founded 3D Investment Partners in Singapore.

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