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TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Will Bring The New Era Of Tech To Tokyo In 2020

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Tokyo, Japan: TEAMZ Blockchain Summit 2020 will be held on April 22 in Happoen, Shirokanedai, Tokyo.

The TEAMZ Blockchain Summit brings together industry experts, top-notch investors, venture capital, investment banks, regulatory agencies and more! The event will focus on the future development of the blockchain industry, investment strategies, integration of blockchain technology in each industry, expansion and collaboration opportunities on a global scale, and investment and support for quality projects.

Taking action on the next era of technology in Japan, “TEAMZ Blockchain Summit 2020” will be held on April 22 in Happoen, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo. This year, the event will discuss what needs to be done in the new era in order to contribute to the rapidly growing blockchain industry with the theme of “Taking Action On The New Era Of Technology”.

What is TEAMZ Blockchain Summit?


TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is one of the most influential blockchain events in Japan. From around the world, industry experts, top-tier investors, venture capital, investment banks, regulatory bodies, etc. gather to cover a wide range of topics such as the future development of the blockchain industry, the investment environment, and the expansion of collaboration opportunities on a global scale, and new innovations in the tech world with respect to Ai, IoT, and VR.

The Summit, which has been held every year since 2018, made its first overseas expansion in 2019. The TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Asia was held successfully with the support of the Malaysian government and the Royal Family. The 6th Summit, will focus on revitalizing the industry and contributing to the growth in the new era of technology in 2020.

Official website:

Event Scale

Visitors: 3000

Speaker: 60 people

VC, investors: 120 people

Top media: 50 companies

Influencer: 100 people

Exhibition companies: 53 companies

Past Speakers

Joe Zhou (Senior Vice President, HKEX), Roger Ver (CEO of Larry Sanger (Co-founder of Wikipedia), Franklyn Richards (Director of, Anthony Pompliano (Co-founder of Morgan Freak), Motoaki Nishiwaka (Evangelist of Microsoft Japan), Charles Hoskinson (Founder of Cardano, Co founder of ETH) and others.

Past Participating Companies

Microsoft, IBM, Fujitsu, Boardwalk Capital, Accenture, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, LINE, Node Capital, DMM Bitcoin, Litecoin, Genesis Group, Quoine, HUBLOT, , etc.


April 22, 2020 (Wednesday)


Happoen, 1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8631


Tokyo Blockchain Week will be held at the same time!

Tokyo Blockchain Week will be held before and after the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, where various projects inside and outside Japan will hold side events. All initiatives are voluntarily formed by domestic and foreign companies participating in TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT. TEAMZ provides and supports all blockchain technology and network related events.

Event information is coming soon! Please contact TEAMZ if you want to host an event during Tokyo Blockchain week! Click here to contact.


April 20, 2020 (Mon)-April 26 (Sun)

What is TEAMZ?

TEAMZ is a blockchain solutions company that provides strategy and results for innovative projects around the world. Leveraging the abundant experience of global members and individuals, TEAMZ supports projects and brands to expand business in Asia and around the world. There are four business lines: TEAMZ Summit, TEAMZ Strategy, ChainTalk, and TEAMZ Capital. 

Leveraging expertise and experience, TEAMZ have worked with leading blockchain companies around the world. The main business, TEAMZ Strategy, supports projects to integrate with blockchain technology, increase brand exposure, and localize in Asia. TEAMZ is dedicated to supporting the global development of blockchain through professional and strategic services in the Asian market and around the world.

Official website:

Inquiries About This Matter

TEAMZ Public Relations: Mika

Phone: +81 3-6675-4952 



teamz blockchain summit

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