About Us

A highly skilled team located in Tokyo, Japan. We’re a mix of videographers, writers, graphic designers, market analysts, interview hosts, and developers. If you like our content then we should chat. We take brands to new levels. 

ChainTalk Studio

VideoGraphy & 4D Animation

4D animation, explainer videos, commercials, video interviews, and investing strategy videos.

Market Research

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chaintalk videography

Graphic Design

Web design, branding, event banners, and logo design.

Decentralized Websites & Apps

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Some Of Our Work

We have created videos with over 1.5 million views on YouTube

Aside from ChainTalk videos, we create videos for clients all over the world including 4D animation, commercials, interviews, investing strategies, documentaries, and highlight clips.

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Leave us a message. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Ways To Work With Us

ChainTalk Studio: Grow Your Brand

Do you like our website? Videos? Design? Then why not hire us to do yours like so many other brands. We want to work with you.

Press Release

Submit your press release for publication on ChainTalk and 300 other media. Translation to Chinese and Japanese available. The price starts at 0.05 BTC.

Request Interview or Sponsorship

Apply to be the next guest on ChainTalk or a sponsor of the show and showcase your business to our community and show guests.