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yuming yuan ceo huobi china

Yuming Yuan CEO Huobi China: The Blockchain Side Of Huobi

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Yuming Yuan is CEO of Huobi China and Director of Huobi Research. In this chat we discuss, his experience running one of the biggest companies in blockchain, the blockchain side of Huobi that operates separately from their exchange, how they help startups and enterprises enter blockchain, how he keeps up with the continuous advancements in the industry, Libra vs Tencent, possible recession, and how he wants to be remembered in blockchain.

Yuming Yuan, also known as Hubery Yuan, graduated from Tsinghua University’s Automation Department. He has served as assistant director of Industrial Security Research Institution, general manager of TMT Research Center, chief analyst of computer & Internet industry, and has been awarded the New Fortune prize for Best Analyst for five consecutive years from 2013 to 2017. In March 2018 he joined Huobi China and now serves as CEO of Huobi China and Director of Huobi Research.

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yuming yuan ceo huobi china

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